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I'm new to this forum but not a new rider (about 30 years).
I've been lurking for a few months, (*using the 'Search' feature*!) finding some valuable answers to a number of questions about the bike and mods I have in mind.
Thanks for all the great info - it's appreciated!

I bought a practically new condition '07 Graphite Grey (stealthy color) Daytona 675 (7500~ miles) this past October for a very fair price, and I'm absolutely smitten!
This thing is fabulous - everything I hoped for and more!

I had strongly considered a Street Triple R but felt the Daytona would be a better starting platform for what I have in mind.

I plan to make some "mature" mods (I'm 48 yrs old) to make it into what we used to call a "Gentleman's Express", basically a light, fast sport-tourer, with strong emphasis on "sport".
Imagine a much lighter & nimbler "Sprint 675"; I may even add the Sprint's hard panniers some day.

I've already installed Woodcraft 1" rise clip-ons (perfect!), CRG levers (matching Ti grey color), gel grips, and Triumph Gel saddle for a bit more comfort, as well as Woodcraft swingarm spools (matching Ti Grey, 'natch!).
I also just scored a great deal on a matching Graphite Grey passenger seat cover/cowl for $60- on craigslist (it's literally like new).
The stock (excellent) Pirelli SuperCorsa tires were nearing the end of their effectiveness (I ride year-round) so they've been swapped out for ContiMotion sport-touring rubber.
*Too soon for much feedback/review, but from my past experience with sporty sport-touring tires I'm sure they'll be plenty adequate for my usage, as much need for longevity and grip, willing to sacrifice a bit of ultimate grip (make no mistake, I'm quite quick, just a bit more "mature" now... - I'm that sneaky-fast grey-haired, balding dude! :whistle: )

I'm currently shopping for frame sliders to help protect the gorgeous bodywork (best looking bike I've ever laid eyes on - yes that includes MVs, Duc 916 et al, and anything else), and awaiting Proton front flushies and some mini-stalk LED signals for the rear, which will all be run as running lights & signals for visibility (I'm married w/kids).
I'm also considering replacing the front standard running lights (adjacent to headlights) with bright amber LEDs and also using them for additional front signals as well, also for additional visibility.
As I wait for the signals I'm fabricating a very simple, light and cheap ($3-) license plate bracket to relocate to the aft-most passenger peg brackets frame mounts, and will eliminate the entire rear fender assembly.
The license plate will also get a single white LED to comply with the law (if minimally...).
The muffler will likely remain stock in the interest of quietude (read: stealth), although I have some questions in that area that I'll post later in the appropriate place.
I have an idea to maybe lower the footpegs economically, but again I'll get into that at a later date.
I have installed a Soupy's Lowering Link for adjustability (I'm somewhat vertically challenged), although still at the stock height as I set up the suspension properly and evaluate a few thing about the overall handling; I've long been a fan of adjusting front & rear ride heights for optimal handling characteristics.

*All of the above mods have been with tremendous help from this forum - Thanks!
Some day maybe BST C/F wheels (or forged magnesium), light brake rotors, 520 conversion, etc. for even lighter handling.
Perhaps even a light weight exhaust system to remove weight (especially from high & aft / high polar-moment), if I can find something reasonably quiet.

As for my "rider's resume", as stated I've been riding street bikes for 30-odd years, and motorized 2-wheelers for 40 years now.
I've owned many (too many) bikes, including most recently a fantastic '97 VFR750, a well-tuned '01 R1 before that (150rwhp, 82 lb/ft), a 1990 Ducati 750 Sport, 1990 Honda GB500, an '89 ZX10, a high-mileage '86 FJ1200 (87,000 miles), '87 Harley 883 (became 1200 courtesy of Wiseco, and much more), as well as Honda Nighthawk "S", Interceptor 500, '82 GPz 550, '82 CB900F, and many more.

I was stationed in Germany in the mid/late 1980s and raced an '87 GSXR750 and twin RZ350s, as well as countless miles on the Autobahns, Alps and much of Europe, and spent most non-racing weekends doing trackdays and countless laps of Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps in Belgium (my personal favorite racetrack of all time).

When I first got out of the military and returned stateside, after working selling motorcycles in a huge "all brand" dealership for a year or so, I did a solo meandering 2-week, 7000-odd mile tour of the US on the FJ1200 to clear my head (ear plugs, no music, nothing - just what I needed), finally landing in California.
I sport-toured much of Northern Cali, mostly 2-up with my girlfriend (now wife), and spent a couple years as a bicycle messenger and eventually a moto-Courier on the GB500.

Up until just recently, I have preferred to moto-commute year-round in all weather, but have started to become more aware of risk/safety, and the hazards of frost, black ice, snow, sub-freezing/single-digit temps etc, and save the commuting for more fair weather.

I'm kinda considering becoming an MSF Instructor ("Rider Coach"), as I'm finally starting to mellow (a bit...).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! :cool:
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