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Just kind of getting my spidey senses tickled a little here...

Checked out his profile in the mod system, and he listed his referrer as "Budo2." His IP address is from AUS, so I have a feeling this is that katey douche again.

Just something to keep an eye on I guess. I won't be able to keep up on it, going offshore on Thursday. My first trip out... wish me luck :cool2:
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Wrist pain - Triumph675.Net Forums

Just FYI. I'm going to ban him if his response is pretty much anything other than 'Yes, ma'am. Got it.'
Shauna... I heart you so much... :rofl2:
Ehhh... I guess it's a good thing that I don't get to log on as often anymore? :laugh:

I almost wish the thread was left up so I can see who all laughed and proceed to ban all of them :p
Spidey sense tingling again...


This thread:

Dealertool, Tuneboy Alternative for much less. - Triumph675.Net Forums

The way he words his posts just seems odd to me. Nothing concrete, just a feeling I guess.

Location says sunshine state, IP says Maryland somewhere?
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That's what I thought too... weird.
So maybe this repsolracer dude is actually just looking for info... He posted another similar request for info in another thread. My mistake
That guy was shitting his pants when i called his house and asked why he would use his baby son's name as a login name and how I had already left a message at the school board and talked to the deputy sheriff. So I doubt he would risk coming back on.
That's why I thought it was weird... because he is back on. I think I saw him hawking some shit in the classifieds section.
can you point me in their direction with the thread?
In relation to Mikeloftin?

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Those are only the threads he's started since the March debacle, he's posted in a few others I believe.
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