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NE road trip coming up-ideas??

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Hey folks,
I'm going to be heading down from Montreal (C/anada) to the Maine coast in a few weeks, and am planning my route down. So far I'm looking at route 302 through vermont/NH, passing through the white mountain park, and ending up in Old Orchard beach.

I'm looking for some suggestions -if anyone has any- for some nice twisty roads that will take me along the path i set out. I will NOT be taking any interstates, and once I'm on ther coast, I plan on riding along it as well. I've already read good things about route
1/1A (Seacoast highway) in NH, that runs right along the water, but apparently it is quite short.

FYI, I am not particularly attached to Old Orchard as a destination. Afterall, the ride is more important that the destination.
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What kind of riding are you looking for? If you are looking for scenic and pretty NH/ Maine was pretty nice. As you see in my ride report.

BUT! the roads for the most part are in horrible condtion in the could be great road department. Anything in the MT's that could be great are messed up due to the winters.
If you are looking for awesome fast curvy's, head to VT and NY. The road condiyions are to die for and they are empty. Let me know if I can help
Well, my ultimate goal os to make it to the coast for a day of riding as close to the water as possible. But the transit days I'm looking for some good, challenging roads. I love twists and turns, but obvioulsy am not looking to pound my body into submission either. I was thinking of hitting hurricane mtn road and bear notch road on my way down there, and mixing up the rest of that leg by loosely following SR302.
Being from Montreal, I know all about shit roads. That's pretty much all we have around here, except for the first year after something was repaved. And I won't even get into the fact that literally two of our four bridges on and off the island are falling to pieces! So I'm sure that nh's worst will be about what I'm used too, but my ass sure would love some smoother riding.

On my way back north, I was looking into riding back up through more of vt/ny and making sure I get a few laps in on the app gap.

But I am certainly open to route suggestions that'll bring me closer to riding bliss.

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bear notch was about a 10 minute ride with a cager in front half the way. NOT LONG but a great condition and view.....

Hurricane mt road is a must just becasue of the O SHIT factor all the time.... its just funny to get such a thrill not real long but good enough to do.

heading east on HMR from bear u can take Evans notch north, great 50/50 road with awesome scenery and cool fun road

APP gap, AWESOME but in mid stride u will come across ripples in the middle of all your turns. I hammered it hard and just dealt with my front tire skipping, made it more fun that way. but a must do.

dont forget 232 bro and Tracy rd in NY......

when u goin? mabey i will make a day in a half of it.....
Hey Jeff,
Again, thanks for the route suggestions, will check out 232 for sure.
If all goes as anticipated, I'l be heading out of Montreal on the 29th of August, and plan on mkaing the coast the follwing day. Then I'll be heading back nortgh as of Sept. 1.

I'll keep ya posted on my plans and if you can join up for a leg or two, great!
just rented a harley the other day and did 500 miles...(ps. no harley hating it was fun and my 675 is track only). at any rate i started in danbury and went up 7 to kent falls...if you are in the area stop in the t100 cafe. owner is a character and has a motorcycle shop in a barn next door. vintage british bikes memorabilia and lots of motorcycle reading in the cafe!

from there i rode up 4 to get over to 22 in ny then up to 7/9 in vt. took that all the way across to loudon to stop at the track. that being said try to make it to mt greylock around north adams mass and go across the mohawk trail (route 2). all awesome roads with amazing scenery and you won't be disappointed.
Nice, those looks like some solid roads. They might be a little far inland for this trip, but I never really know where I'll end up when I set out, so who knows!

Ps: Gotta love street view!
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