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The Motion Pro Tire gauge is a very extremely durable. They have a range of gauges form 0-30psi or 0-60psi. All of the fittings are sealed with Teflon tape, at each of end of the gauge at there is a 360 degree swivel so that you can get the chuck into any wheel and be able to read the instrument panel made by Winters.

If you have any questions or would like to order a new tire gauge give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

You can view this product on our website here as well: Motion Pro Professional Tire Pressure Gauge 2.5" 0-60 psi

The instrument panel is made by Winters Instruments, they build high-quality instruments for various companies. Here is a little blurb from them on their website " Winters has direct control in our offering of industrial instrumentation: from design, engineering and manufacturing, to servicing, calibration, repairs and product training for all markets. Put simply, We're There. Winters is a good reason for a change!"

The release valve is located in the center of the Blue anodized 6061 T-6 Body.

As mentioned above, all of the fittings have Teflon tape on them for a better air seal. Here you can see the air chuck.

For added durability, Motion Pro has added a large rubber cover with raised portions to absorb more energy if you drop your gauge.
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