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I have a bunch of random genuine Triumph parts leftover from my 2007 675 that some folks might be interested in:

used fair condition right-hand graphite fairing / rashed left-hand graphite fairing / fair-ish condition graphite fender - FREE/FREE/FREE (pickup only!)
used excellent condition front left-hand / rear right hand turn indicator T2705315 - $15
used bar end weights T2049230, 2 in excellent condition/1 with scratches - $5/FREE SOLD/GONE
used excellent condition right-hand clip on T2049158 - $25
used rashed light switch assembly T2040274 - FREE
used working sidestand switch - $5
NEW throttle tube T2040254 - $5
used very good condition throttle tube T2040254 - FREE
NEW crank cover T1260263 with gasket T1260264, dowel T3000005 and washer T3550146 - $40
used very good condition left-hand mirror assembly T2060056 - $30
used excellent condition front duct seal T2200949 - $5
NEW intake flap T2200975 - $5 SOLD
used excellent condition intake flap T2200975 - free GONE
used excellent condition vacuum diaphragm T2200980 - free
used vacuum reservoir T2200999 and solenoid relay T2200985 with hoses T2200990 & T2200991 - $5
NEW plastic caps for the mirror nuts T3450124, plastic plugs to plug the bolt where the mirror pivots T3450195 - FREE (qty6)
NEW tank mounting grommet T3020601 and sleeve T3010710 / T3010039 - FREE
NEW plastic windscreen bolts T3330635 - FREE (qty12) GONE
used rubber windscreen wellnuts T3350050 - FREE (qty4) GONE
used working headlight bulbs H9/H7 - FREE/FREE

Open to offers too...I'm too far removed from the game to know whether anybody actually wants many of these things enough to be willing to pay for them.

Pickup in Watertown MA or the Boston area preferred (required for the fairings/fender), or I will ship if necessary (standard USPS, should be pretty cheap).

Pics of the fairings, fender, light switch, and mirror. The rest are either new, or are used and have no cosmetic issues to speak of, but I can provide pics if necessary.


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Dibs on the windscreen bolts and well nuts. Also the bar end weights shipped to 48301.
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