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MCN VERDICT - "Believe The Hype"

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They say:

"What the Triumph has over all it's four-cylinder rivals is a large dose of character. It's simple, yet classy styling may not be one for the extroverts, but it's one of Triumph's great strengths.

Where the fours feel pretty much the same as each other, the Daytona is completely different, in terms of sound, feel and power delivery. And that's different in a better and more satisfying way, and if it's performance is on a par, for many riders, that alone makes it the first choice in the class.

Right now if I was forced to make a choice I'd put my money on the R6 as still being the quickest supersport class around the track. But if I was going to put my money on a bike to put in my own garage, it'd be the Triumph - I'd get more pleasure from riding it".
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