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Matched a bike to a forum legend

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Am working on a bike for a family member, was doing so research as I tried to wrap up tuning after getting her in shape, when to my absolute delight realized this bike has to be one of Dave73's old ones.

Joined forum to send him the message below but don't meet requirements for PMs. Have been on some other forums (even owned a Triumph 955i for a few years), but never had a 675...although I wouldn't mind another triple.

If someone who may know Dave, or could at least ping him, was going to shoot him the following:



I believe our family ended up with your neat STriple with Daytona cosmetics and cams.

This is my aunt from Austin's bike. She found her on Craigslist barely put back together by a shop that couldn't sort her, and with a no-start issue. My aunt (Erin) has dubbed her "Trini" after Trinity from the Matrix.

I got her to start by ordering TuneECU and burning a basemap, and rectifying a dead CPS, as well as making my own beefier battery to solenoid and starter cables and throwing a new Interstate in it. I kick myself now for having over-written your tune and chasing my tail trying to "butt-dyno" tune it this whole time, but just found what I think is the appropriate tune file for it and will slap it on tonight. I had just gotten the tune I was working on to not be so choppy at 4k. Figured something was up with it because it wanted a TON of fuel up top, and ripped right up to the 12.5k redline like it wasn't even there.

Bike also didn't have headlight wiring harness, so built a relay circuit once I found the factory harness triggers. Replaced R/R (may have been what killed the CPS), stator, and adjusted ISCV and TPS. With luck TuneECU will reset adaptation correctly on your tune.

Hoping to finish adding the flyscreen aunt wanted, get proper tune on it, and deliver to aunt for the holiday weekend.

Anyhow, can understand if you've moved on, hopefully to better things, but figured I'd give a shout out that she's in a good home (my aunt is an awesome person, very glad I get this opportunity to do her a solid). Will shoot you a pic of happy owner.

Take care,




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After reading a few posts here, I do want to hopefully get ahead of some comments that may be misinterpreted in my post. I am certainly not tuning this bike in the manner I would prefer, but also not shooting in the dark. Have built a few megasquirts, tuned 2 turbo Miatas and a turbo E30 I've owned over the years , and am a mechanical engineer with (minor) experience writing code for engine management strategy. My current project is my nearly 600whp EcoBoost F150 (might as well make the daily quick). That said, currently don't have a way to read wideband info on this project (sold my spare LC-1 not too long ago), and even then no way to datalog. I will recommend aunt gets bike dyno tuned if the Dave73 tune isn't kosher. Hopefully in this case it's a tune finding its way back to the exact bike and mods it last saw on a dyno.

In the meantime I was just doing iterative test rides with very gradual changes to F, L maps and F-L values to at least make it ride-able. I think I got pretty close, but surely left a lot on the table.
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I've never heard of that member.
Good to know.

Seems like he had quite a few posts in early 2010s, owned several 675s and was active on trackdays here in Texas.

Was a long shot I guess.

Take care
I had a look and found the member. He hasn't been on here for over 5 years, but I've sent him a message with a link to your post.
I had a look and found the member. He hasn't been on here for over 5 years, but I've sent him a message with a link to your post.
Much appreciated!

And apologies in my exuberance, guy had popped up in my searches a fair bit the past few months as I sorted this bike.

The realization certainly made the world feel a lot smaller
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