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So i run 5 or more miles every other day and naturally I listen to allot of high energy music but I also tire of the same old stuff pretty quick. So I thought I'd give a sample of one of my current playlists and see if people could add similar songs to it. Kinda using you guys as my own Genius mixer like itunes. So please look at what Ive got and add things that maybe kinda the same sounds.

Playlist #1

Burn, Papa Roach
Hell's bells, AC/DC
I want your love, Toadies
I Am the Highway, Audioslave
My best theory, Jimmy eat world
Time is running out, Papa Roach
Push it, Garbage
No shelter, Rage against the machine
All American nightmare, Hinder
Everybody knows, Leonard Cohen
Chop Suey, System of a Down
Bullet with a name, Nonpoint
Evolution, Korn

So yeah LMK what you like (i'm not really down with techno/trance stuff mainly just rock)

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just rock?

I listen to one of "girl talk" remixes when I go running and biking.
its like rock instrumentation, techno beats and rap vocals, really upbeat endurance pump stuff, and each track is like 50 mins long.

heres my "rock" weightlifting playlist

where the devil don't stay- drive by truckers
a monument encased in ash- the showdown
the crimson-atreyu
sleep now in the fire-Rage against the machine
take it away- the used
Ex's and Oh's- Atreyu
the bird and the worm- the used
lip gloss and black- atreyu

then the rest is rap lol

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Silverchair - Tomorrow, Israel Son, and Pure Massacre

Then put a bunch of Edith Piaf songs LOL.

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any Van Halen....not Van Hagar!
Crazy Train--Ozzy Osbourne
Voodoo Chile- Jimi Hendrix
Them Bones--Alice in chains
Space Truckin'--Deep Purple
Paranoid--Black sabbath
Children of the Grave--Black Sabbath
Rock N' Roll Singer--AC/DC
Am I Demon--Danzig
Night Train--Guns N' Roses
Raw Power--Iggy Pop
Communication Breakdown--Led Zeppelin
Hit The Lights--Metallica
Evenflow--Pearl Jam
Raining Blood--Slayer
Cowboys From Hell--Pantera
Jellybelly--Smashing Pumpkins
Testify-Stevie Ray Vaughan
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers--ZZ Top
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