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Mais um brasileiro no forum...

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Fala Pessoal,

sou novo no forum e gostaria de me apresentar.
Moro em Sao Paulo, tenho uma Ninja 250R para o dia-a-dia e acabo de comprar uma Daytona pois como vocês adoro velocidade (com responsabilidade!). Estive lendo o forum e é bastante interessante.

Serial legal a galera do Brasil que tem D675 se unir para trocarmos ídeias sobre a moto, sugestoes, dicas, falar sobre peças etc.
Espero encontrá-los nos Track Days em breve.

Grande abraço!

Hi guys

I'm new here in the forum and so I would like to introduce myself.
I live in Sao Paulo - Brazil and I've just bought a D675. I will get the bike in a few days and I'm looking forward to exchange info about the D675 with you.
Here in Brazil we have very few Triumph dealers and consequentely very few Daytonas on the streets. Most of the owners are really fans of this incredible machine.
We also have a lot of problems with reposition parts (delay in delivery and price $$$) so I am convinced that your tips will be of great value for me.

I also suggest that everybody supports Brazil in this world cup since we really need another trophy to complete the shelf!!:rofl2:

Cheers from Brazil,
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Welcome and congrats on the bike!! I'm sure you will find all the help you'll need in this forum. (great members here)

Brazil should not win the world cup, FIFA needs to pay referees to mess with their games..:biggrinjester: JKJK!! but seriously I'm sure you guys will win it in the next world cup (BRAZIL 2014) so why not let other country have their glory???:nod:
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