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I used to live in north Cumming. Still own a house there up off HWY 9 north of 369.

Man I miss having those hills in my back yard ... such a short trip up to Blood Mtn and the like. I used to take my Speedmaster up there all the time. I was just up there for a Triumph rally a few weekends ago, actually.

Anyway, I then moved into town and now to Smyrna. Not as many fun roads around here ... but I make due. I never thought my regular route would have Kennesaw or Alpharetta as a destination ;-)
Yeah I actually live right off 369 it is pretty nice to be able to leave the house do 150 mile ride up the mountain and Richard Russell and be back just after lunch lol. Far enough from town to be in the country but close enough to be there in 10 min. if you need something lol.
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