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had these pipes in 2017, got them used . Very nice appearance and built quality, very light. Sound and performance very good. But much too loud. You can get two different dB-Killers from LeoVince that fit, but both do not work sufficient. The difference is less than 0,5dB.
I had contact to the factory, and they told me that the wool stuffing might be burned and doesn't work anymore. I ordered
the wool and rivets and replaced the wool although the original filling did not look bad. Afterwards the measurements were nearly identical.
Then I designed some modifications (diameter/length/bores) for the eaters, and let them weld, but without success.
The goal was <[email protected], I could not achieve less than 101dB. The conlusion was that the cans are simply too small, the all over volume is not enough to dampen the sound sufficient. I sold them.
Oh damn, that's bad! Cops are very strict about exhaust noise here in HK. I tried wrapping the DB killer with the help of glasswool and wires. It just went down by 2db.
This is with DB killer and no insulation


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