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LC2 Fuel Jugs

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Ever since their introduction, LC2 fuel jugs have been a favorite around the shop here, and also, anyone that's ever used one. Especially when compared to fuel jugs from other manufacturers.

Why? First, the arrangement of the grab handles is built for easy pouring, not just easy transport. The two-handle design makes pouring fuel into your bike, generator, boat &etc. a drama-free affair since you have a firm grasp on the jug near the top and at the bottom. You'll really appreciate that fact when you're dumping five gallons of fuel with gloved hands!

Graduated markings in gallons and liters are molded into the heavy-duty plastic chassis, so metering fuel consumption is easy.

Each container measures 10 inches square on the bottom and is 22 inches tall. The base dimensions are the same as other jerry cans commonly found the motorsports universe, so if you've already got a fuel can holder on your trailer, this one is probably going to fit without modification.

These jugs can be ordered with, or without, a fuel hose, based upon your specific requirements, in white, green, blue, orange, or black colors.

Get yours delivered fast by calling TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, today!


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