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Knox came out with the full line of Hand Armor back in March of 2010. The flagship is the Knox Handroid, and that is what we will be taking a look at today.
The Knox Handroid is using a patented Exo skeletal flexible spines that cover the vulnerable knuckles, fingers and thumb and give full unrestricted movement.

The Knox Handroid has the tried and tested Sport Scaphoid Protection System on the palm. The SPS creates a sliding motion when on the ground so that the leather is virtually not touched. This is huge for a glove, typically when a rider falls they stick out their hands to try and stop them from falling; many riders have had Scaphoid issues when doing this. The issue with leather or a rubber type material hitting the ground is that the coefficient of friction is huge; most times this will put a huge load on the seams and they will fail causing the palm to burst open. Below you will see a picture of a pair of Knox Handroids where a customer of ours fell and put down his hands to stop him. The gloves performed extremely well doing what they are designed too.

Like every glove in the knox line to date, they all are using the Boa lacing system for closure of the gauntlet. On the top of the wrist we have a metapod protector that contains energy absorbing honey comb that will protect your hand if it hits something hard.

To give the Knox Handroid a crazy amount of feel, Knox is using a full Kangaroo leather palm. The rest of the glove is using Japanese Race quality drum dyed Aniline leather.

The Knox Handroids can be had in 4 different colors; Black, White, Blue, or Red. To order a pair please give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210 or e-mail [email protected]

We of course have a video review on these amazing gloves for you to watch.
[nomedia=""]YouTube - KNOX Handroid Hand Armour Review from[/nomedia]

This other video is a follow up review of some riding we did in the Handroid.
[nomedia=""]YouTube - KNOX Handroid Gloves Review and First Ride from[/nomedia]

To show the free-movement when bending a hand we snapped a picture of the Handroid with a closed fist.

The Kangaroo palm makes these the most comfortable gloves we have put on to date.

The SPS 3-piece system does a great job protecting anyones hands as well as the double wrapped pinky.

The Cuff uses plastic so that it allows a sliding affect when brushing the ground.

As explained earlier, we have a set of crashed Knox Handroids that did really well when hitting the ground. You can see the scuff markings on the plastic pieces of the Exo Skeleton to protect the leather as well as the SPS.

Here is a blown up view of the palm, showing the little bit of wear on the leather and the large scuffs on the SPS. This did it's job 100%.
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