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Knox Armor is a top leader in the Motorcycle industry in producing the finest body armor the world has to offer. Knox specializes in the design and manufacturing of impact protection since the 1980's. They do not touch on every piece of motorcycle gear available, they build the armor that is used in many of different brands from Teknic to RS-Taichi.

Here we are going to specialize in the Knox Cross short. These shorts are great for any trackday rider, racer, sport tourer or any street rider. The Cross shorts are a low prifle armor which is using a revolutionary rotating hip and thigh protector that offers even greater flexibility and protection. These can be worn under a 1pc or 2pc suit, under jeans, or anything at all. These are a multi-use under short. Many people use these not just for their motorcycle but for snowboarding, mountain biking, or anything that you could get hurt doing.

The shorts are CE approved to EN 1621-1. Also CE approved occyx protector which covers a vulnerable area. The pads are removable which allows you to wash the pads and the shorts easily.

Retail on these shorts is $119.95.

You can visit our website for the listing of the Knox Cross Armored Shorts

If you have any questions or would like to order a set of the Cross Armored shorts give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210, or e-mail [email protected]

We of course have a video review on these shorts which can be seen below.

[nomedia=""]YouTube - KNOX Cross Shorts Review from[/nomedia]

We have some additional pictures to give you a close look at the short.

Here you can see that the shorts are perforated to allow maximum air flow to reach your skin.

In the next photo's you can see the 2-piece design to allow the hip and thigh pieces to move separately.

A quick shot of the CE logo build onto the pad.
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