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Knox Biomech Hand Armor

Knox is very well known for their body armor. They have recently come out with a line of Hand Armor. Whether you ride for fun or as a professional, choose KNOX and you'll have the best protection on the market... Specialising in the design and manufacture of impact protection since the 1980's, KNOX aims to be the best. Protection is their focus and this makes them different to their competitors. These gloves have a great fit and feel. Please view the video and pictures below.

Give Jason a call at 888-784-4327 ext 210. Or E-mail [email protected], he can get you set up with a pair or answer any question you might have.

View our Video Review Here
[nomedia=""]YouTube - KNOX Biomech Hand Armour Review from[/nomedia]

The Biomech is sports inspired hand armour that features an opaque knuckle protector. Soft impact absorbent honeycomb gel fills the cavity and can be seen through the opaque window on the Knuckle guard. When under pressure from a clenched fist the gel expands as it is pushed up from the inside.
A small metapod on the back of the hand houses the same impact absorbent honeycomb gel.

Superfabric, featuring ceramic beads, covers the side of the little finger

On the palm the tried and tested Sport Scaphoid Protection System is enhanced by an additional inner cuff slider which works to support the SPS sliding effect.

Super strong and tear resistant Kangaroo leather covers the inside palm and fingers.

The unique Knox Boa Lacing system works to draw the side pods over the wrist with a targeted multi adjustable closure. Easily tightened, just dial in the right amount of torque for you. To release simply pull the dial.
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