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Need to unload some things... My apologies for the pic-heavy thread but I gotta display mah goods.

First up is a Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet that has served me faithfully for several months. It has never been crashed in, but it has a number of scratches and scuffs due to me being inexperienced and stupid and laying it upside down on concrete and the like.

Size: Large. It goes new for about $310 or so, so I'll be asking $75 or best offer for it shipped, I'll include its original bag and its original box.

Examples of scuffing and whatnot:

Secondly I have a pair of Milepost Sport Touring boots by Fly Racing. I bought these and rode maybe 20 miles in them before realizing that they just didn't work with a sportbike, so I realize it might be weird listing on this forum but I think these would be fairly nice boots for anyone who does any cruiser riding.

Size: US 12/EU 46. I wear a size 12 US shoe and these fit perfectly. I see these go for about $110 new. They're like new aside from just being lightly ridden in and walked on a bit. Since I just want to get rid of these and would hate to waste them if someone would cover shipping then I'd just send these out.

Scorpion Hat Trick Jacket in Medium. Very nice all weather jacket with three removable layers. Has some bugs on it from riding but in excellent shape since I only used it for a month or two, looking for $30 or best offer.

Chatterbox XBi Bluetooth Unit

I used this literally twice ever to listen to music. It works, I just ended up going with a simpler wired system. This includes everything a new unit includes, since I used an adhesive pad to mount it on my helmet and ordered a spare adhesive pad, so you're getting a like new Chatterbox. Looking for $100 or best offer.

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