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Take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. This thread is for a written intro, you can also post a pic of you/your current bike in this thread, you/your 675 in this thread, and to add yourself to the owners' map, see this thread. You can also make use of our Photo Gallery, see the link in the upper right on any of the forum screens.

Well, my name's Noam (aka Sarchi on the mc boards). I'm 40 and live in Hamilton (er.. that's Canada.. not Bermuda, darn), with my wife and two of my three kids. I started riding two years ago on an '86 Ninja 1000R, I sold it this year and bought a new FZ6. I've put 22,000 kms on the two bikes - no problems so far, knock on wood.

Well - had I known the 675 was coming out, I might have waited on a new bike....... but, to be honest, a bike with more relaxed ergos suits me well, and I love the FZ. So I'm gonna bide my time and also hope Triumph will bring out a baby Speed Trip, or Tiger, or ST... based on the 675. Obviously I love the Daytona but I'm not sure it'd make a good "only bike" for me. Besides that, my SO doesn't wanna hear about new bikes for awhile!

So why did I start this site? Good question.. I don't really know! It was just an impulse really. I do think the 675 will be "all the rage" in the next couple years and I guess I thought it'd be fun to start a web site for it.

Happy and safe riding to everyone--
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Hi, I am Manas Maity. I am from India. I drive a Daytona 675 15 model white. Love the Bike. By profession I am an engineer.
Hi all, I'm David with my first brand-new bike, a 2016 Triumph 675R. I've come a long way in my riding years, from a 2005 Suzuki SV650 to a 2006 GSX-R600, then a 2007 GSX-R750 track bike. I didn't ride track for a few years and just picked up the 675 in anticipation of getting back into track/race riding this season. Currently, the bike has 0 miles on it and is completely torn apart in my living room as I convert it to a dedicated track bike. Will have a complete set of brand new phantom black bodywork (minus tank and rear splash fender) for sale. Happy to have found this site and hope I can contribute as I learn more about this platform.
FSAE Team Needs Blown Motor

Hey, my name is Eric. I'm on San Jose State university's Formula SAE team and we're using a Street Triple motor for our car this year. I'm joining the forum in hopes of finding some parts!

Hi I'm daniel and I have a 2016 daytona 675r
I came from an 09 675 that I loved to death and been hooked on these triples since I've started riding.

The black one was my 09.


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Hi All
I just picked up a 2013 white Daytona 675R. I live in Silicon Valley CA. - hoping to hook up with some other riders.
new member using same screen name anywhere I can. garage is currently triumphless but the new 765 may change that.
new Daytona owner

Just acquired a graphite 07 Daytona and doing some minor fairing repairs. Bikes and track events are my hobby. Ride my GSXR 1000 at Laguna Seca and Sears Point several times a year. Started road racing at Willow Springs and the have ridden every track in California and Nevada. Also do moto cross and enduro riding in San Diego area where I live. Plan to try the Daytona at the tracks and maybe ride better on a lighter bike than the GSXR 1000, which is way to heavy and powerful. My side hobby is tracking my car and bike at Laguna on same weekend. When I towed my bike to the track on combo bike/car events, I realized that I was sitting around hours waiting for my bike session. So I set up my BMW M3 as track car and tow car. Kind of hectic to ride my bike and then jump into the car for back to back sessions. Pretty tiring! Anyway, bikes are much more fun and reliable. Regards. Benny
How's it going yall my name is Enrique i own a 2007 Daytona 675 and im looking forward to learning a lot from this forum. Glad to be on board. By the way does anybody know of a website (besides ebay) where i can get some passenger footpegs? Like the complete set of them. Ive looked everywhere and nothings come up.
Hi all,
My name is Julien and i own a 2007 daytona 675 track bike.
Hi, I'm Dan. Just bought a '14 Street Triple R a month ago. Been riding for several years, but always on small (cheap) bikes. Been in love with the 675 engine for years, and finally got my dream bike!
hey everybody im woody. i live in sausalito calif. i got back into riding a couple 2,3 years ago after a 20 year hiatus. my girlfriend got me back in the saddle, shes been riding over 20 years with only 1 minor accident, a hit and run, less than a year ago. my first remount is a '89 honda hawk. great bike... cept for the blown engine. it is, however poised and ready for repair with what i hope are all the correct parts readied for reassembly.... for at least a year now. yes there was an overlap. bought my 08 daytona675 last year in perfect condition. it was a buy and ride deal. until it wasn't. on my very first ride i experienced the regulator meltdown at the apex of the ride! i waited 6hrs for a flatbed to tow my ass out of there! this being an introduction i'll be going into that in the appropriate threads. regardless of any issues ive had with this bike i must say my daytona is an epic ride! the geometry is perfect for me, i turn my head and im in the lean. superb handling and the pull... strong, steady through all gears, solid pull all the way thru the power band. i love this bike, epic fun. electrical issues abound. i rode it for a month before it melted again. i want to get this done and i want to keep it. i know the lessons herein will get me there.
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Hi All,
Sujesh here from Bangalore, India.
Been riding for about 23 years, and back to active riding since 2011.

Picked up a used '14 Daytona 675R exclusive for the track and twisties.

Thank you for adding me in this forum.
Another new member

Greetings from Mary Esther, Florida. My name is Don, a.k.a Wiggie. Originally from New Zealand. Bikes owned there included Kawasaki 350 Avenger, Yamaha RD350. Moved to USA in '79, lived in busy cities like St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta and consequently talked myself out of owning motorcycles and riding in dense traffic. Fast forward to 2015 and found myself browsing motorcycle ads and forums. One could possibly say obsessively. Found a two year old but never sold Honda CBR500R at price I could not refuse so gave it a shot. Great city bike but not for the open road. At least not for me. Next up, 2007 Honda VFR800 found in Austin TX with only 5000 miles (have had a long time love affair with the Honda V4s starting on the 80's with the legendary V4 Interceptors). In the meantime rode a friend's 955 Sprint in the mountains of Colorado, and also test rode a Tiger 800 and 1050 Sprint, and loved the sound and performance of the 3 cylinder engines. While the Sprint and Tiger are more practical, my heart kept leaning towards the Daytona 675. Saw a 2013 675R at a track school and next thing I've clinched a deal on a 2012 675R with 6000 or so miles. Which should be arriving from Texas in a few days so I am super excited. So stand by for a bunch of stupid noobie questions!

After reading the manual, adjusting the chain, doing a full safety check and replacing all fluids my plan is to trailer it and my VFR (the VFR for some two-up riding with my thankfully indulgent wife) to Tennessee in August, camp in The Smokies, ride the iconic Dragon and Cherohala Skyway and observe the total eclipse.
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Hi All,
Been riding for years. Moved to Kentucky and got into the Twisties and track days. Sold my zx10r and went to the Daytona 675 to learn to ride! New to the triumphs so expect stupid questions. Thanks for the forum and all the great info!
Hi everybody,
I'm from Poland, been riding for 2 years only. I recently swapped my FZ/MT-09 to Daytona 675 for some track days fun, Yamaha was just so unstable with the stock suspension. I've driven like 60km on the Daytona so far, but I already love it :-D
Wisconsin Summer almost over

Shane from Wisconsin, have a 2015 675R. Truth be told, I am putting my bike for sale and thought this would be the best platform to get out to the riders who are looking for Triumph sport bikes as they really are a niche bike.

Previous bikes were KTM RC8R, Honda CBR1000RR Repsol.
Greetings from SW Connecticut

Hi, all.

Veteran motorcyclist (since 87) and more recent track junkie (since 14). Just made a deal to swap my 2011 GSX-R750 for a 2012 Street Triple R with full suspension upgrade from GMD Computrack. Got to ride it at the track last weekend and it's pretty darned sweet.

If I could have only one bike it'd have to be a supersport, but I have a dedicated track bike (Yamaha R6) to fill that need. Since I'm at the track a lot during the season, my recreational street riding has dropped way off and most of my riding is commuting; I only get in five or six good recreational rides a year. The GSX-R is just plain silly for the commute. Since starting to ride on the track I REALLY notice how much I have to hold back, and I never come close to using its true potential.

So I decided I needed a more practical real-world street bike. I was going to return to the ranks of little bikes and trade for a Ninja 400 (which is a terrific little machine... I used to have a Ninja 250 and I loved it to death), but the opportunity to score the Triumph came up and I couldn't say no.

Looking forward to learning all about it!
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I'm Rebecca! I'm from the Chicago area and have been riding since 2014. My first bike was a BMW F800GT, which was really nice but kinda buzzy and not very sporty. Probably being spoiled by the S1000RR I picked up next, the F800GT seemed really boring so I traded that in for a 2014 VFR800 which is my commuter bike/touring bike. I LOVE that bike but it lacks a bit of zing when really pushing it. Honda has done a great job making it easy to ride and very approachable. I then picked up an S1000RR, which my husband hated but I LOVED. One of my friends convinced me to take it to the track in 2015 and I've been loving it since then. I swapped out the plastics and rear sets but otherwise left it stock for the track.

I always struggled with the suspension being sprung too heavy for my weight and height and was debating whether to spend the money on a new suspension (Ohlins) or potentially a new bike. Furthermore, the coaches all felt that the liter bike was just too big and heavy for me, and knowing how large she felt in the corners, I couldn't agree more. So I started to look around for a 600 class bike. I test rode a 08 CBR600RR, a new R6, and then a friend's 675R and totally LOVED the bike, so I started to look for one on the market.

The more I researched the Daytona 675R the more I realized what a bargain it was. I could spend $3-4k on a used '08 CBR600RR or I could spend $8-9k on a used 2015 Daytona 675R which had the braided steel brake lines, a high quality Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and nothing to do but adjust the suspension, swap out the plastics, and install adjustable rear sets and I had a track ready bike! So this summer I finally got a great deal from another female rider for her gently used 2015 675R and pulled the trigger. I absolutely and amazed by how easy this bike is to ride, how much more corner speed I carry into, and then out of the corners. I'm already riding this bike faster than my S1000RR! I've only put 600 track miles on it since picking it up early August so I'm still learning this bike but I am glad I made the switch.

Anyway, to make a long story longer, I'm excited to learn more about this bike from all the to others here!


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Hello, Name is Dave, I used to have a 08 675 SE then had to sell it when I moved out of country and now looking to get another one.
GreetingsNewbie here, originally from Philippines but working resident in Qatar.Rides... 11' Daytona Triumph 675R, 12' Aprilia RSV4, 10' Honda CBR1000RR (trackbike), 16' Yamaha R6
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