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Take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. This thread is for a written intro, you can also post a pic of you/your current bike in this thread, you/your 675 in this thread, and to add yourself to the owners' map, see this thread. You can also make use of our Photo Gallery, see the link in the upper right on any of the forum screens.

Well, my name's Noam (aka Sarchi on the mc boards). I'm 40 and live in Hamilton (er.. that's Canada.. not Bermuda, darn), with my wife and two of my three kids. I started riding two years ago on an '86 Ninja 1000R, I sold it this year and bought a new FZ6. I've put 22,000 kms on the two bikes - no problems so far, knock on wood.

Well - had I known the 675 was coming out, I might have waited on a new bike....... but, to be honest, a bike with more relaxed ergos suits me well, and I love the FZ. So I'm gonna bide my time and also hope Triumph will bring out a baby Speed Trip, or Tiger, or ST... based on the 675. Obviously I love the Daytona but I'm not sure it'd make a good "only bike" for me. Besides that, my SO doesn't wanna hear about new bikes for awhile!

So why did I start this site? Good question.. I don't really know! It was just an impulse really. I do think the 675 will be "all the rage" in the next couple years and I guess I thought it'd be fun to start a web site for it.

Happy and safe riding to everyone--
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Hi, I'm Bryan. From Concord, NC. Don't own a 675 yet. Currently riding a 2015 Yamaha R3 as a daily commuter (now over 7000 miles on it since the end of July.) Just here to gather information and do some research to help guide my decision on what to look for since it will primarily be just a pleasure bike. I also have a Yamaha VStar 650 bobber that I'm putting together and building for my brother in law as what is now going to be a very late Christmas present.

About me, I'm a mechanic by trade. I build high performance 3000GTs for a living, and I only just got back onto a motorcycle a few months ago after taking several years off.
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