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Greetings from SW Connecticut

Hi, all.

Veteran motorcyclist (since 87) and more recent track junkie (since 14). Just made a deal to swap my 2011 GSX-R750 for a 2012 Street Triple R with full suspension upgrade from GMD Computrack. Got to ride it at the track last weekend and it's pretty darned sweet.

If I could have only one bike it'd have to be a supersport, but I have a dedicated track bike (Yamaha R6) to fill that need. Since I'm at the track a lot during the season, my recreational street riding has dropped way off and most of my riding is commuting; I only get in five or six good recreational rides a year. The GSX-R is just plain silly for the commute. Since starting to ride on the track I REALLY notice how much I have to hold back, and I never come close to using its true potential.

So I decided I needed a more practical real-world street bike. I was going to return to the ranks of little bikes and trade for a Ninja 400 (which is a terrific little machine... I used to have a Ninja 250 and I loved it to death), but the opportunity to score the Triumph came up and I couldn't say no.

Looking forward to learning all about it!
1 - 1 of 2480 Posts