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I'm Rebecca! I'm from the Chicago area and have been riding since 2014. My first bike was a BMW F800GT, which was really nice but kinda buzzy and not very sporty. Probably being spoiled by the S1000RR I picked up next, the F800GT seemed really boring so I traded that in for a 2014 VFR800 which is my commuter bike/touring bike. I LOVE that bike but it lacks a bit of zing when really pushing it. Honda has done a great job making it easy to ride and very approachable. I then picked up an S1000RR, which my husband hated but I LOVED. One of my friends convinced me to take it to the track in 2015 and I've been loving it since then. I swapped out the plastics and rear sets but otherwise left it stock for the track.

I always struggled with the suspension being sprung too heavy for my weight and height and was debating whether to spend the money on a new suspension (Ohlins) or potentially a new bike. Furthermore, the coaches all felt that the liter bike was just too big and heavy for me, and knowing how large she felt in the corners, I couldn't agree more. So I started to look around for a 600 class bike. I test rode a 08 CBR600RR, a new R6, and then a friend's 675R and totally LOVED the bike, so I started to look for one on the market.

The more I researched the Daytona 675R the more I realized what a bargain it was. I could spend $3-4k on a used '08 CBR600RR or I could spend $8-9k on a used 2015 Daytona 675R which had the braided steel brake lines, a high quality Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and nothing to do but adjust the suspension, swap out the plastics, and install adjustable rear sets and I had a track ready bike! So this summer I finally got a great deal from another female rider for her gently used 2015 675R and pulled the trigger. I absolutely and amazed by how easy this bike is to ride, how much more corner speed I carry into, and then out of the corners. I'm already riding this bike faster than my S1000RR! I've only put 600 track miles on it since picking it up early August so I'm still learning this bike but I am glad I made the switch.

Anyway, to make a long story longer, I'm excited to learn more about this bike from all the to others here!


1 - 1 of 2480 Posts