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Interserve Racing on form at Snetterton.

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Interserve Racing on form at Snetterton.

The team at Interserve racing have been busy cutting weight from their triumph 675’s since the last round at Donington Park just 3 weeks ago. The bike is now much closer to the minimum weight set out for the supersport class with the team hoping to make the most of the recent engine improvements.

Following some positive mid week testing at Mallory everyone was ready to make the most of the Friday practice day at the high speed Snetterton circuit in Norfolk.

With cloud overhead and showers forecast for the entire weekend Ross put in a solid 28lap run in the morning session. Ross’ times were soon tumbling with his best time of 1.11.255 coming on his penultimate lap. Despite being under 3 seconds behind the leader Glen Richards, Ross was a disappointing 30th overall showing just how close the field is around the 1.9mile circuit.

With only a few suspension changes before the second session Ross was dispatched for the second and final session of the day. Pushing hard it took him just four laps to improve on the time set in the morning run. Ross continued this trend throughout the 40mins on track, slowly edging more and more time off of his laps. Again on the penultimate lap Ross set his personal best time in both sectors as well as posting a respectable 154.6mph in the first speed trap 27th fastest at this point. His lap time of 1.10.586 put him 33rd overall and 6th in the cup competition despite being just 2.7 seconds off the fastest rider.

Saturday morning was warm and dry, with the sun shining through lifting the whole paddock with the glimmer of hope that the rain predicted might just hold off.
With the sun out the field set off hard, with uncertain weather for the afternoon everyone needs to get the best possible time as it may be used to set the grid for race day. With more suspension and gearing changes Ross was dispatched for a 27lap run.
Again he equaled his best time from Friday within just 10 laps. Ross continued to push after changing rear tyre for a softer compound half way through the session. Ross made good use of the extra grip taking a further 0.5 seconds off his personal best time on lap 23 with a 1.10.049. Despite this huge improvement Ross and his Triumph 675 failed to improve on his position finishing 32nd on the provisional grid.

With a massive 6 hours between sessions and various weather changes along the way, teams kept a close eye on the sky as the 5pm start time grew closer. As the superbke session came to a close the heavens open with just 40minutes before the supersport riders were due to take to the track. As soon as it started the rain stopped and the warm sun returned. With a stiff wind the track was drying quickly. Interserve racing took both wet and dry weather bikes to the pit lane for second qualifying. Ross set off on the dry bike to test conditions 10mins into the session. As he came around Croums for the first time the rain began to fall again, he pulled into the pits and took the wet bike out for some practice. Most of the field stayed in the pits, allowing Ross to have an almost clear track gaining valuable information if the rain continues to fall for the Race. Ross will line up on 32nd place on the Grid.

As the grid lined up the sky began to threaten rain. The lights went out Ross got a great launch, he managed to avid the collision in front of him as Rob Hoyles and Ben Handley slide off the track. At the end of lap one Ross had muscled his triumph up to a fantastic 26th position. Tinmouth followed Ross closely for the first 4 laps, with Ross dropping his lap times into the 1m10’s on lap five he began to pull out a bit of a buffer. On lap 9 fellow cup competitor Dean Hipwell fought past Tinmouth and began to close down on Ross. Some quick thinking from the Interserve pit crew Ross’s put board told him of the closing rider. Ross picked up his pace as a result hitting 1.09.8 on lap 12, pulling away from Hipwell. On lap 13 Ross approached Russles chicane to find the red flags out due to a massive crash from Midge Smart. With the race stopped Ross pulled into the pit lane, where he was directed into the podium park ferme position. In holding off Hipwell Ross secured 3rd place in the cup competition for his first podium of the season securing a valuable 16points in the cup standings.
After the Race team principle Ross snr was ecstatic
“We’re all really happy to reach the podium, Ross was riding well and to get a 1.09.8 Just before the stoppage he was pushing to keep the position.”
With the Champaign bottle now empty the team are looking forward to Mallory Park 27-29th June.
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