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Hit and run on the highway at 75mph!

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This is probably the only time I will wish harm and even as extreme as death on someone!

I was coming home from work and got on the on I10. Nothing crazy just keeping up with traffic and got on the highway with no issues. I signal to get into the left lane and check my mirrors and make my way through. I went for another mile when I see lights pull up to the right of me real fast; he almost hits the car directly next to me. A half a mile later I feel this jolt surging my bike forward, the front tire squirms, I KEEP THE BIKE UP AT 75mph, and all I see are bright lights in my mirrors! I'm freaked! "Did I just get hit?" I brace myself again because I don't know what to expect. The car then pulls up next to me and the guy looks at me, points at me and then nods his head mouthing the words "Yeah, yeah!" I look at him and wave my left arm in disbelief. He then takes off cutting people off. I manage to get his license plates and type car. Another car saw the whole thing and as I get to the left lane to slow down he pulls up next to me and starts waving his hands as though he saw the whole thing. He nods his head as I nod my head and I signal him to get on his phone. I pull over and get on my phone and call Highway Patrol. They haven't found the guy and no other calls were made about the incident so I'm pretty much shit out of luck! There is no damage to my bike other than the fucktard leaving scratches and paint on my tires. The cops said since there's no "real" damage that they won't write a report but I can write one later if I find something wrong with my bike later.

Needless to say I'm pissed! This fucker could have killed me. There were cars behind me and had I not kept the bike up I don't think I would be typing this up now! Like I said in the beginning, this will be the first time I ever wish someone dead. I have a family! A wife and three kids and for some cowardly bitch to almost rob my family of their husband and daddy pisses me off to the point of wishing him dead!

Trust me, I will never forget this guys face or his car and plates! White male, 25-30 years, silver Acura sedan (might be the TL series), plate number 760 CKE. I don't know what state but it was a white background on the plates. I'm pissed to the point to where I can't stop shaking and my stomach feels like a ball of knots.

Thanks guys/gals for listening to my story and I pray that you guys stay safe wherever you guys go and (lesson learned for me) be vigilant even with cars behind you.
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Long story short, I had a guy try to run me off the road because "lane splitting is illegal". I'm in California, where it's perfectly legal. He took it upon his hands to enact some sort of vigilantly justice for an imaginary crime by attempting to run me over with a Ford Taurus.

I wanted to follow him home and beat the shit out of him in front of his wife and kids I was so livid. Show em what a tough guy they had on their hands when it came man to man. I ended up doing the smart thing. I won't necessarily say the "right" thing, just the smart thing.

I told him if I ever saw him driving again I'd drag him out through his window and "saw his fucking head off in front of traffic". At the time, I was angry enough to mean it. Needless to say, I think he'll be treating motorcyclists with a little more respect from now on.

To alot of drivers, us riders are just faceless machines pre-bundled with every shitty stereotype they've conjured through bad examples or ignorant imaginations. Hopefully upon retrospect he now realizes the potential gravity of his actions.
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