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Hey Terry

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Not sure how your banning folks, but I noticed that you've been hitting the bots with a 7 day ban, instead of a permanent one. Probably moot, but if you want to perma-ban them, it's really easy:

Just click on the user's name, and then choose Edit User Profile.

It'll make you log into the mod panel and, when it does, it'll take you to the user's main page. From there you can change their group from 'Registered Users' or 'Users Awaiting Email Confirmation' to 'Banned Users'.

Click save at the bottom of the page and you're done.

Like I said, it's probably moot, but ... just wanted to let ya know how to do it, in case you care. :)
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some of them i've cought at the joining screen and i cant see a way to perma ban them from their stats page can you help please as i cant see a way to perma ban them from there
When you click on their user name, it pulls up a window with their name, status and title and then a yellow bar with a few options: Send Message, User Lists, User Notes and Edit User Profile. Do you see that? (I don't >think< it is just an admin thing...)

If you click on Edit User Profile it asks you to log in to the mod panel (you should have gotten the username & pw when you were made a mod? Though you were before me, and VS, so... maybe not?!) That's where you can perma-ban folks...

Does that help?
ok i'll give it a try thanks this banning people is starting to get old very quickly now as you will see from some of the comments i've made to members complaint posts they are part of the problem as well
I'm right there with you... this is beyond annoying. Give a shout if the mod panel thing doesn't work.

And yeah, I saw your reply to my new BFF in that adult chat thread. I gave him a week off for being a twat. What a bunch of princesses we have here - I'm remembering why I don't come around much. :}
it's such a shame the forum has ended up like this not very many senior members visit anymore and they were the lifeblood of this community. the only reason i hang around these days is the fact i still ride a triumph all be it a speed triple these days otherwise i would have left a long time ago
i tried what you sugested but i need a password to be able to edit the user profile so if you can help out with that it would be great
I'm not sure I'm allowed to give it out. :)

I had to email Yung to get the password: [email protected]

You just give 'em your username & the forum you're on and he'll hook you up. I'm also not sure if he's the right guy, still, but... if he isn't, I'm sure he can point you in the right direction.

Hey Yung,

It's shalihe74 from the forum. May I have the username/password for the mod control panel?

And I agree with ya on the quality of the folks around here. It's inevitable, I suppose. When the 'tona was new and unique, you got a special kind of person here. Now it has been around long enough that it's like any other kind of bike, really, and there's not much difference between the riders of a 675 and a Gixxer. It's too bad.
k thanks shalihe i'll send him an email. I've also emailed Mo this evening as this spam situation is getting out of hand now! verticalscope seem to be sitting on their hands doing jack to help the situation leaving it to us to sort out which aint fair...........
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