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Got a PM from 'Thatkid' - the person whose thread I shut down b/c he was a business advertising on the classifieds forum. Can you hook him up with someone in the world that can help him out? Grazi.

"You locked my thread for breaking the rules which is fine. I've tried the link to ask about becoming a sponsor but no response. So I'm currently at a standstill on how to go about things.

As for being a company, my company consists of me. I'm one guy trying to make a living and barely breaking even. I've seen other threads in the for sale section offering services but they don't get locked and it's a one man shop.

I have no interest in the other threads getting locked, I'm simply asking how I'm different?

I emailed [email protected] about a spot and they seem to only have platinum spots at $250/month. That puts me up against riders discount STG. Now, that seems a bit crazy to me. The chances of me even making 250/month in profit on here are pretty low, but to be pitted against huge companies on top of that is a bit much.

I'm happy to contribute in order to list things, but there has to be a way to make it reasonable. Any information would be great.

-Nathan "
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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