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Heli-Bars + Gel Seat = Sweet

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So, I have had these Heli-Bars since the first GB from last year forever now, and JUST put them on a few days ago now that the weather has been SEMI-cooperative for short bursts... I also received my Gel Seat from Shane a couple weeks ago. I finally got to ride to work yesterday with both of them installed. I've gotta say, although the feeling of the Heli-Bars is kinda odd at first -- the difference is night-and-day (or should I say Crotch-Rocket and Dirt Bike?). :laugh:

The installation is easy -- just time-consuming. Just make sure you have the 38mm (or in my case, 1-1/2 inch) socket for the big @$$ steering nut. I was a moron and attempted to use a big ass wrench instead, since I didn't have a socket that large. It chewed through the soft metal and looks like crap now... I had to make a special trip to go buy one. Tools tools tools! Don't be one like I was, and make sure you have the required ones before starting. :stupid:

Anyways, after getting more used to the feel, I can't believe how much more comfortable this combination is! I may have only ridden for 20 mins each way, but I can tell you I love it already! The comfort is only PART of the equation, as the bike also turns in more quickly and feels like a toss-able toy now (yes, even more-so than before). That little bit of extra length works wonders! I was grinning like a total goof (AKA Bill), whipping her around like she was a 250.

The only downside, as others have said, is the extra vibration. It didn't bother me TOO much, as I only got to ride 20 mins at a time. BUT I think that is a minimal downside compared to the pluses.

As for the Gel Seat -- I have NO idea how some of you say that you can barely feel a difference from stock... Either it was Shane's pre-made butt grooves, or the seat really IS much more comfortable to me! It could just be the combination between the two mods. Either way, this combo is amazing. Can't wait to try it out for at least a full tankful! :cool2:

I HIGHLY recommend getting both the Gel Seat AND the Heli-Bars at once. It's good stuff. :nod:
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The Bars/seat combo works great. This bike is soooo smooth it is a riot!
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