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Hi guys. First post here. I have a weird problem that I believe is fuel pump related but wanted to get some thoughts.

A little background on the bike, 2008 Daytona 685, new to me but has lived a neglected life it seems. Slowly I’ve been giving her the love she needs, new tires, oil change, seat covers, proper battery, etc. I still need to find an ignition switch with key if anyone has one. But that’s not what this post is about.

The problem: the bike has run well up until this point with no indication of any problem. I rode about 90 miles on Sunday without any hiccups. Then on Tuesday i was riding (just filled up) and while doing 80mph uphill the bike cut out, like it ran out of gas. Getting to the side of the road, the bike revs fine and still moves. I attempted to accelerate and after a few moments the bike reached about 8k rpm and then once again fell on its face. Let off the throttle, and it acts normal until you reach that 8k mark.I decided to turn around and ride the back roads home. The whole while, the issue seemed to exacerbate. What started as a 5 minute and up to 8k rpm interval gradually got worse. 3 minutes of riding at 6k and it would stumble. Then 2 minutes at 4K. It would ride fine if I kept the RPM’s about 2k.

My initial thoughts are fuel pump and filter, but wanted to get some opinions, as well as needed a few posts to be able to message on classified lol.
Thanks guys!
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