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Good price for 07 D675?

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I am new to the D675 scene and am looking at purchasing... curious what your folks opinion is on the bike I have been looking at.

Do you folks think 5.5k out the door would be a fair offer or am I partaking in wishful thinking?
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looks good....though the tires are mismatched :p
5500 is definitely a fair can probably get better deals from forum members but the bike does have an existing it's up to you what you value more.

this isn't going to be your first bike is it?
I previously owned a 72 CB500 but this is gunna be first real power bike....
I picked up my 08 Neon blue with 8,000 miles for $5000...some good deals out there in this economy. good luck hunting
theres some good used one on the forums. if you look closely i think someone by the name of pin8246 is selling an 07 with aftermarkets for a decent price. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
For some odd reason I dont seem to be able to find your sale pin8246...
Grab it, looks to be in good nick. I got my 08 with 1700 miles for $6400, then plus tax, tags and transfer fees.

You will LOVE the two brothers exhaust, same as mine.

Good Luck!
I got a 2007...jet black with 136 miles if your looking and I just dropped my starting ebay bid to 6K even
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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