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Fuel pump not priming, starter not turning

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Hello Everyone!

I'm currently working on a 2007 Street Triple 675 to put it on track as soon as possible. It was a frontally accidented bike and after the replacement of the dash, triple tree, forks, clutch cover, and the taking off all unnecessary stuff it's ready to run.
However... After putting all together and turning the key, the dash (which comes from an other accidented same year bike) lights up, seems fine but the fuel pump doesn't want to prime and nothing happens while pressing the start button either. I checked the 2 connectors going to the fuel pump and there's no voltage regarding any timeframe.

Can it be an issue caused by the "foreign" dash? If so, can it be detected and fixed through OBD in the ECU?
Can it be a result of the accident ("tip sensor" or "fall detection switch", whatever it's called - I don't even know if a 2007 bike has one or not) and if so, could it be fixed in the ECU?

I would be really happy if someone could at least send me in the good directon, or give some ideas...

Thank you in advance!
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On that generation any dash (that looks the same) will work. On the newer generations the dashs are coded to the ecm. The bike does indeed have a tipover sensor.
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