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I have rashed Graphite 2007 Daytona 675 parts for sale:

- Gas Tank: $220 obo ($724 new)
- Swingarm: $290 obo ($947 new)
- Clutch Cover: $70 obo ($223 new)
- Clutch Release Arm & Spring: $15 obo ($46 new)
- Crank Cover: $40 obo ($79 new) SOLD
- RH lower (side) Fairing: $160 ($427 new)
- Tail Fairing: $120 ($339 new)
- Seat: $30 obo SOLD

All parts have approximately 2400 miles and are completely functional, but obviously "cosmetically challenged".

I've attached pics of the damaged areas of each part - many more pics are available upon request.

The gas tank is excellent except for the single rashed/dented spot.

The swingarm is straight, has rash on the right side near the axel, and a gouge where the right footpeg impacted. I touched it up with some auto paint that was a pretty good match in color but a little shinier.

The RH lower (side) fairing is lightly rashed over a good portion of the area, but there are no cracks or breaks anywhere.

The tail fairing is excellent except for the light rash on the RH side.

The seat is like new except that one of the protective foam pads on the front inside area is missing (see pics).

Paypal required. Buyer is responsible for (actual) shipping cost unless otherwise negotiated.

I will pack every part very carefully. The tank will ship in a large box with custom shaped foam (I received a factory new 675 tank in this box).


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Does the tank include the fuel pump and everything? (i.e. plug and play?)


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