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FS Arai Profile Helmet

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I am selling the helmets in my collection. I have too many to really keep at home. $200 shipped. Helmet is used in good condition. Pm if interested.

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Also medium? I miss my Profile. One’s too old, the other took a spill at 120 mph. Did it’s job 👍🏼

Unfortunately, not a medium. It's a small. Yeah and Arai's are awesome helmets. I have to check to see what I have left. I sold two helmets yesterday. I know for sure I have two HJC RPHA 10 helmets and a signed Arai from Brandon Paasch but that one isn't going anywhere.

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That works since I wear a Small Profile. If you still have it, could you check the build date?

I remember watching Brandon smoke the advanced guys around Thunderbolt on his Moriwaki 250 when I first started doing trackdays. Awesome kid and talented rider!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts