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I have a 06 SY with a bit over 6000 miles on the motor. It runs great.
There's a good amount of scratches/dent to the gas tank, fairings, rims, etc.

I also have a ton of spares I can either include or exclude.
They are all in good to great shape.
L + R Side fairings
left handle bar
Front wheel assembly: rim and rotors (rim is brand new)
Rear wheel assembly: rim, rotor, cush drive (used)
Pirelli Diablo Corsa III tires

I was collecting parts to restore to mint street condition but I tipped it over in the driveway which broke the front subframe, front fairing, and mirror. Now, I think it would be better off as a mean track bike than spend another grand or so to replace the front fairing, front subframe, and tank.

Asking for $3800 just for the bike
$5000 for everything

Vesrah RJL pads
Woodcraft rear sets
CRG shorties
R&G frame sliders
R&G bar end sliders
SME Rear axle blocks/sliders
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