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For Sale or Trade: Everything I got! Feel Free to Make an Offer On Anything:biggrinjester:

Would love to trade for a Daytona 675, but open to other bikes/boats/campers (please no dirt bikes)

The Prize: 2004 Kawasaki ZX6R Race Bike:notworthy:

Ran 2 weekends on freshened motor. Love the bike, just getting married in October, and need to put some money away.

What's on the bike:
Sharkskinz Bodywork (Tank could use some paint)
Aftermarket Clipons
CFM Rearsets
CTR Front Suspension - Ohlins Internals
Fox Twin Clicker Rear Suspension
Full Nikko Racing Exhaust
Powercommander (yet to be installed)
Freshened Motor w/ New Tranny (only 2 weekends on it!)
Brand New EBC HH Racing Pads (only 3 sprints on them)
Like New Bridgestone BT002s (only 3 sprints on them)
Fully Safetywired
Vortex Sprockets
520 Conversion

I've priced the goodies on the bike new at over $4000


Vortex Sprockets
Sharkskinz lower
Sharkskinz upper (all number plates peal off)
2 Sharkskinz tail sections
Sharkskinz front wheel (Complete sharkskinz setup worth about $800 new)
2 clutch/1 brake levers
Engine Strator Cover Mint (so if you want you can replace the one on the bike that is scuffed up)
Engine Case Cover Mint
Oil Filter Steel Connector
Rear Axle
Castle Nut
Oil pan
Clutch Basket
TPS Sensor
Wiring Harness

Pit Bike: 2006 Zuma - New rear tire (think 0 miles), needs new battery

Racing Equipment:
Fieldsheer Suit w/ Aerohump (I'm about 6'3" 200 lbs, fits good)
AGV Boots
Held Gloves
Bohn Back Protector
Ezup (Canopy has a small hole in it that needs repair - frame in good shape)

The kicker:
I've got a ton of just miscellaneous stuff in my garage. I've owned a bunch of bikes over the years. Get the race bike/spares/zuma/Racing Equipment and I'll throw in anything else that has to do with motorcycles in my garage. You can sell it on ebay. I'd estimate it to be worth around $1500. Here's just a few of the items:

750 engine parts
gsxr shocks
gsxr headers/cans
r6 tail section w/ undertail
gsxr axles
F4 Subframe & wiring harness
F4 hoses
GSXR calipers
Ohlins Rear Shock Springs
Handle bars
Believe me when I say there are motorcycle parts everywhere...this is half of what I have
Why not sell it myself. Ain't got the time. It's one of those things that you've always been meaning to do, but never really get around to it, ya know.

Here's The Breakdown:
Value of the Aftermarket Parts on the Bike (new of course): $4400
Value of the Bike (if you converted a wrecked 04 zx6r - though this one wasn't): $3500
Value of the Spares (not even including everything): $2585
Value of the Random Stuff: $1500
Value of the 2006 Zuma: $1200

Nearly $14k worth of stuff if you bought it yourself. Granted it's not new, hence the price:

Straight Trade for 06 (less than 8k miles) or newer Daytona 675
Trade for newer model street bike

For more info, email me at: lupitchr1 at or call seven zero four-287-nine990
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