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Firepower Lithium Batteries

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Lightweight, powerful and easy-to-fit in your bike's stock battery box, Featherweight Lithium batteries from Firepower deliver reliable starting power for your ride. These batteries offer a few advantage over conventional lead-acid batteries that are worth mentioning.

Starting with a longer useful life than century-old lead acid technology - that's right, with proper use, these batteries will last longer than your bike's original battery. In fact, so sure of their longevity, Firepower offers a two year warranty on their batteries. For custom applications, since there's no fluid inside the chassis, you can position the battery any way you need. Inverted, on its ear, or even a crooked way, it doesn't care and will operate as designed without issue.

Another nice thing, for those of you that, regrettably, only ride on occasion, Featherweight batteries have a long storage life thanks to a low self-discharge rate. If you know you're going away for a long time, simply disconnect the battery from your machine and you're good. There's no need to put it on a trickle charger just to hold onto enough starting power for your next foray out on the road. Just re-connect and ride. And if there are ever any doubts, you don't even need to attach a charger, simply press the TEST button on the built-in LED test gauge to instantly determine your battery's state of charge.

Each battery ships with a set of high-quality hardware and, where needed, foam or plastic blocks that help the often smaller-than-stock battery fit in the OEM battery box without bouncing around. And if you have a fuel tuning device, the extra space will be a welcome location for that tuning box.

To order your model-specific Firepower Featherweight battery, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a PM here or an email to [email protected] with FIREPOWER BATTERY in the subject line along with the model and year of your machine. With that data, we'll find the correct battery to fit your machine.


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If you are looking for a lithium battery at a reasonable price, check out the FirePower Lithium batteries. Call us at 866-931-664 to order a FirePower battery today!

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