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Exhaust Newbie

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So I've been thinking about getting an exhaust upgrade for my 08 Daytona, but have a few lingering questions that I would appreciate some help with. My bike sees both track and street use.

1. Full System vs Slip-ons: I'm not the fastest guy on the track, but I can certainly appreciate the peak power gain and weight savings of a full system. My concerns are about things like the C.E.L, oxygen sensors, EXUP valve (this bike has one, right?). Will removing those make the bike less dependable for commuting? Will my CEL still function if needed? How can the F/A mixture be adjusted by the ECU if the O2 sensor is removed?

2. Mapping/Tuning: There are so damned many products available for tuning a bike that I'm completely overwhelmed -- plug and play ECU changes, PC, TuneBoy, dealer remaps, custom dyno tuning, etc. I know that tuning is necessary if you want to get the full potential out of an exhaust upgrade, but for somebody like me (a weekend warrior mechanic who doesn't like going beyond turning a couple wrenches) does it make more sense to just ask a shop to dyno tune it? How expensive can I expect that to be? How much will my ride suffer between installing the exhaust and doing the tune? Should I just cowboy up and buy the equipment?

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I'm in your shoes now. I've decided to save up for the Tuneboy and then get a full system.

It's your choice: full or slip-on. Do you want looks? Do you want more power?

If you get a full system you will need to get a Tuneboy or the like. There are custom maps available but the best option is to have a shop tune it for you. Then you will take full advantage of the power of the full exhaust.

I don't know of plug and play ecu for the 675. Powercommander will let you load a new map. I'm not sure if the ECU adjusts the F/A ratio on the fly based on the O2 sensor.

Tuneboy will allow you to change your map and help with diagnostics. I wouldn't buy a full system without already having a Tuneboy or Powercommander. It will ride worse than the stock. How much worse? I dunno, but it's a dumb idea.

I don't think that reliability goes down with a full system (even with removal of EXUP). Gas mileage might.

Hope this helps.
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Quickest, easiest way to get more power is a full sys and power comander mapped by a compatent tuner. Tuneboy is ok cos your getting a diagnostics tool as well but almost no tuners know about it. Slip-ons give maybe 4-6% power increase with a re-map vs 6-10% for a full sys re-map and oh so sweet delivery either way.
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