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We spent yesterday on the dyno with a race tuned 675R testing a few extra mods.
First run was a base run.
Second run we tweaked a few things and gained 2bhp nearly everywhere.
Third run we went back to same settings as the first run and got exactly the same power results as the second run.
However we where still 3hp missing at the top end from a best run done the week before with the same settings.
The reason behind the differences where the fact the temp inside the engine was getting better, you really can only get full power results when the oil temp is 90 degrees, and the fact the temp/humidity in the dyno room was changing.

Foot note, the bike water temp was at the same level for all runs. First run we had 50 degrees oil temp, second and third runs we had 90.

So what I'm saying is a dyno should only really be used to set a bike up. There are so many things that can alter the final figures and make you happy or sad.
The bike is a full supersports spec 675R, the dyno operator works for some of the top teams in the UK and does dev work for companies like Motec.
The small gains we are looking for like 1 or 2bhp are big figures when an engine is as highly tuned as this.
1 - 5 of 32 Posts