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Hi All,

I am electronics undergraduate student, and I am currently sniffing the CAN bus lines between the ECU and the Dash (for the street triple).
I have 3 minutes of recorded CAN messages with the engine running.
I used a cheap logic analyser and Salae logic software.

For our Universities Formula Student Race Car entry this year we are using the Triumph 675 Street Triple Engine. We are not removing the old dash but we do want to log the engine data during operation as a part of our telemetry system.
On the off chance anyone knows how the Engine Variables match up to the CAN message IDs and also how the HEX values line up with the variables values (i.e. 0x000 = 0RPM, 0xFFF = ?RPM) i would be very appreciative.
If not the progress I have made so far seems to further a couple of threads I have read on here related to CAN investigations, Browse the attached csv file to see logged output of Salae software.
The graphs and manipulations on the RAW can data has made the excel file too large to upload :(.
But all I did was
1. isolate the different messages by CANID.
2. Isolate and Label the data bytes (0 - N).
3. Combine the bytes if they required it (obvious from the data when one byte counts over and the next byte counts up)
4. Plotted graphs for the different messages (which clearly display the OFF, IDLE and REVLIMIT operating states)

The engine went through the following sequence whilst running during the 3 minute recording

I am in the process of determining each CAN messages relation to the engine by playing with the engine and controls.
Once I have completed the task I will post the summary here, but if someone can speed me along that process I would be rather glad.

CHeers All

Dick C


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This question could definitely be answered by people who have made OBDII reader applications. For example Torque is an excellent Android app which can monitor and log a huge variety of engine data, in real time. There it is:

It's by far the best OBDII data monitoring and logging software I have tried, especially if some of its modules are installed. It can log data is .scv and other formats and with the appropriate module can create graphs in real time.

You could use that for all your logging needs for that matter but supposing you want to make your own software I think you could just contact the creator Ian Hawkins and maybe he could help you out.

Also you could contact Alain Fontaine, the guy who made TuneECU, a free program that can test, diagnose and for up to '12 bikes change fueling and spark advance timing maps.

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We have used tuneECU and the program works fine from a laptop.
Just the CAN high and low lines only run from the ECU to the DASH and not to the ODB2 port.
Also the CAN provides most data at around 100Hz, and we were getting about 1Hz of off the ODB2 port.
I shall contact the creators of the software though, thanks for the hint.
An update: We have CAN messages for Gear Indication, Neutral Light, Revs and Coolant temperatures figured out now.

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AIM have this on their website:

Channels received by AiM devices connected to Triumph "Daytona 675" protocol are:
ECU_3 ECU_NEUTRAL Neutral signal
ECU_4 ECU_MIL Malfunctioning indication lamp
ECU_5 ECU_GEAR Engaged gear
ECU_6 ECU_THROTTLE Throttle position
ECU_7 ECU_ENG_TMP Engine temperature
ECU_8 ECU_IAT Intake air temperature
ECU_9 ECU_IGN_ADV Ignition advance
ECU_11 ECU_VEH_SPD Vehicle speed

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I have used the following information on the daytona to help our investiation.

Following is a table from Race Technology website.

ECU Name Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution Units
Engine speed Engine RPM RPM VAR_0010 0.25 RPM RPM
Coolant temp temperature 8 Water temp VAR_1007 0.1 oC
Intake air temperature temperature 1 temperature 1 VAR_1000 0.1 oC
Ignition timing angle 2 Ignition angle VAR_3001 0.1 oBTDC
Throttle angle angle 1 Throttle angle VAR_3000 0.1 o
Road speed misc 4 Speed from the ECU VAR_4003 0.01 km/h
Gear position aux 26 Auxiliary 1 VAR_2025 1 -
Fuel consumption aux 27 Auxiliary 2 VAR_2026 0.05 L/100km
Fuel used aux 28 Auxiliary 3 VAR_2027 0.01

ID's highlighted there are not the same as the messages that appear on the CAN.
VAR_NUM and ECU_NUM are not the CAN message identifiers, as those are a binary sequene. Up to 11bits in length. Not enough to encode "ECU_" in ASCII.

Our testing yielded the following, which correlates well to the info on the daytona above

Message ID:

0x540 - byte 0 - bits 6...4 - Gear Position - 0 = N, 1-6 = gears 1-6
bit 1 - Neutral Light - 1 = on, 0 = off
bit 2 - Check engine light????
0x550 - byte 0 - bits 2...0 - Coolant bars on dashboard
- bit 3 - Warning light - 1 = on, 0 = off
0x570 - bytes 2-3 - Coolant temp - (256 * byte 3 + byte 2) / 10 = Temp in Degrees C
0x518 - Possible revs - divide by 4
0x519 - Similar to 0x518 Possibly TPS unsure. Doesn't actuate when only tps is rotated.

Hope this helps, testing will continue to attempt to understand more of the messages, and more of the different bytes/bits within each message.
Further progress will be posted when it is completed.

Cheers Dick
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