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When did you all place your deposit's.
My recipt's dated 28th Sept 2005
Just spoken to my dealer, he's just rec'd a V5 for the demo which means it's on the trailer and may drop on the door step today :lol:
Im no6 on there list which equates to a delivery at the end of march :wink:
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i paid my deposit on the 24th of september and am 2nd on the list at the dealer. have been told to expect 1st March delivery.
Deposit placed 17th October. Due back end of April.

ordered her a week after the bike report was out - delivery (hopefully) 1st weekend in March 8)
5th November, been told May delivery but promised a better date if anyone else with a deposit on drops out! :(
just phoned my dealer, I put my deposit down in Oct. Was told they should be getting the Demo next week and that deliveries should start shortley after. Mine should be one of the early ones, although I originally told them March. Not sure I can wait that long!

Placed 6th November I think; and was factory quoted last week in May; OTR 1st week in June?

Anyway I suspect I'll gain a couple of weeks due to people falling out with their partners over it, people unhappy with unrealistic part-exchanges (hardly going to give you a fabulous deal when there's a waiting list are they?) and the odd few downgrading then post-demo appreciatting - that they want/need more go, or their arthritic back could do with greater tlc than they had first thought, etc.

In a way, I'm quite pleased of the wait as (a) we always appreciatte something more when we can't have it right now; and (b) if there's any problems with the early bikes Triumph will have fixed them by then! :D
Ordered mine in the last week of October and I have a delivery date sometime in March. :D
24th of Septmember and I was told April. Sometime in March would be a welcome suprise.
Order placed in September, should be in production in March, so sometime April with any luck!
Ordered December, told i should have it by May.

I can't sleep at night thinking about it! COME ON MAY!!!!!
Ordered mine about a week after I saw the first photo :D
paid my deposit in december, bike is due in may........
Put down the deposit on the 27th September, latest news is that the bike will probably arrive at the dealer's in March so I should get my mitts on it in early/mid April. Can't wait! :D
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