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Deals Gap Trip - with silly video :)

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Had an awesome trip up to deals gap and surrounding area, short description here :)

Gear: Since my wife ended up having some medical issues she took the car, so amount of gear wasn't a real issue, but i wanted to see what i could carry anyways. i found that Kriega 10 as a tank bag and a 20 as a tail bag held everything i needed for the 5 day trip. The bags stayed in place remarkably well and actually don't look that bad on a Street Triple. I also added a RAM mount for my tomtom (~$60) and a cigarette lighter plug from cyclegear ($9) that i wired to the parking light circuit. I packed some ziplock bags for weather protection, that luckily i didn't need :)
The ram mount is solid as a rock and fit perfectly on the R's thicker bars. My folks wanted some video footage of the trip, so we got the basic GoPro kit. i mounted the tacky mount on the front fender and that was it.
Lastly i sourced a set of Michelin Pilot Powers, since i was pretty well down on the stock Pirellis. Not a tire guru here, but these are some awesome tires. I got a pretty nice wear from edge to edge, very linear turn-in and never even came close to feeling the grip was about to end.

Route:Since my step dad rented a bike (Flew in from Finland) we had to stop in Orlando and grab a glorious Goldwing for him and my mom, mainly a gold wing because you can not find any other non HD rental in this or neighboring states. From hot sweaty Orlando we hit the turnpike/i75 up to lake city and switched to back roads (mainly 441) and pulled over in Milledgeville, GA. Next day we made our way up to NC and catched up with us28, this really is where the riding gets nice. We followed 28 to Franklin where our lodging was lined up (friends "cottage"). We unloaded our baggage and decided to go out for a little buzz with the step dad. We tooked 64 towards Highland and turned to 106. 64 is an outstanding litlle twisty road with very litlle traffic and 106 has a bit longer sweeps (especially going back towrds Franklin, 106 has a passing lane that is just pure pleasure. For a ~2 hour trip out of frankling its hard to beat :).
Next day was our full day at the area, so once the fog cleared we headed up 28 towards the Dragon, this sections of 28 has some awesome twisties, pleasant sweeps next to lakes and rivers and very little traffic. Go to the "resort" parking lot and found it pleasingly empty maybe 30 bikes. i've only been there once before with a company truck on a sunday and it was a mess. Highly recommend the weekday visiting :) . We slapped the camera in and secured with steel wire (in case it got loose). We waited for a little gap in the traffic (there were almost none) and hit the road. We got a clean fun run through the fun section, the video starts at end of the straight coming of the resort and ends just before the Damn pullout (~ 9 miles).

I know, i know; i shift like poop and ride like grammy :laugh:
from 129 we turned to the foot hills parkway for a cool down ride, this is very similar to blue ridge, just a mellow scenic ride. We turned onto 73 for a ride through the Great Smoky National Park this is pretty frustrating ride, till you just start passing the people doing 10mph through the whole park. when take 441 towards Cherokee, you do get to ride the cork screw that is a cool 360 degree loop. From Cherokee we jumped on the Blue Ridge; some "spirited" riding through here with awesome views (up to 6000ft). We really did notice the temperature changes on this trip, at altitude it got pretty chilly, so we picked up the pace to stay warm :whistle:
we jumped off from the ridge to 215, again some awesome riding with no traffic, down to 64 that we followed back to Franklin. Next morning was pack up day to head out to Savannah for the evening. Since we all agreed that riding anywhere else was ruined for the rest of our lives we decided to take the super slab to Savannah. surprisingly the streety worked just fine, doing ~80mph for the ~330mile haul. We spend the evening and bit of next morning around historic downtown. Next morining we took the fast route to Orlando and completed our litlle trip.

Conclusion: I could not be happier with the bike. One of the reasons i traded up from Thruxton was the longer haul comfort (clipons) and i am happy to report that i had no aches anywhere even though we averaged 400 miles a day, in various road types. This bike is a magnificent hoot on the twisties and after this little trip i am sure to track it pretty often.

Below credited to KILLBOY, awesome service :)
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sound like you guys had some fun would of been interesting hearing the wifes take on a bike....
The wife would have taken her Bonnie :laugh:
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