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Daytona/Striple Header interchangability

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Daytona/Striple Header interchangability-GOT ONE! THANKS!


Hey 675 guys,

I just sold my StrippleR :icon_cry: and stepped down to an old SV650, which is similar in spirit if not competence. Sad, but I needed the dough.

I told the guy I sold it to I would include the stock exhaust system (it has a Leo Vince full system--see my review: But I seem to have lost the stock header--I still have the midpipe and mufflers, though.

It's hard to find the Stripple exhaust on eBay or on this site's classifieds, but Daytona headers are a dime a dozen (okay, about 50-60 bucks). As far as I can tell, they are similar except for the exup valve and motor. Can you interchange them if you remove the motor (the valve stays in the open position and therefore shouldn't affect flow)?

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I couldn't find an answer on this or other forums.
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oh yes so it is
awesome bike tho, they nearly made me walk out of there with their demo bike !
Stick some flat bars on it and I'll have a play on it, lol.
Can we get some update on this? Is it still the same? All Street Triples match the 06-08 Daytona ports? How about the routing around the oilpan?

I was so hoping that cool Akra full system Rider's Discount had for +13 Daytona would work, somehow, on +13 Street Triple, like mine :grin2:
Yes the header ports are the same on the pre-09 Daytona and all years of Street Triple.

That said the only real difference between the Street Triple and Daytona that really gives the Street the healthier midrange is longer header lengths. From experience I know it's not the cams. The cams just take peak power away for the Street Triple. It's just one of those stupid detune for the street things that manufacturers do for naked bikes. The headers however are longer on the Street for midrange and shorter on the Daytona for peak power.

If you want more power from a Street Triple bigger headers do help substantially but you want ones designed for a Street Triple like the Arrow ones. Then the big improvement is to simply put Daytona cams in which is very inexpensive.
Hi mate,

was just mooching around the internet as scuffed/ slightly dented the lowest pipe on the header of my 2011 Triple R, and whilst likely no noticeable change in performance I thought I would peek to see the cost of replacing and what would fit.

'Yes the header ports are the same on the pre-09 Daytona and all years of Street Triple.'

Any advice on what models of Triple/R or Daytona I can hunt for a secondhand header???


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21 - 23 of 23 Posts