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Been trying to figure out the differences betweeen front forks for 675R for 2011-12, 13-15 and 16-17. I currently have a 675R 2011 race bike and are looking for spare set of suspension. Not easy to find, but there are some out there, but mostly 2013+. So far I figured out that the 13+ has fitment for ABS, not a big deal. But I have not managed to figure out more important things internally that I might need to consider. Total lenght? Stroke (I think the stroke increased from 110mm to 120mm?)

Anyone know the differences or if it will be possible to swap? I will anyway use K-tech cartridge, so I do also have a question wether or not the geometry will change markably swapping from 2011 with K-tech cartridge to 2013 with K-tech cartrige.

Any information is much appriciated :)
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