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D675 Owner's in Japan/Brazil???

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Anyone riding Daytona 675 in Japan or in Brazil???
I'm living in Japan right now... cheers...


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wow! A D675 in japan! I love that!! I guess all jap riders hate you! :biggrinjester:
In matter of fact there are a good number of dealers here... but Japs, they like classics better, like Bonneville... they are more into a "retro" thing, you know... :rofl: still, they stare at me, something that they usually doesn't do...:whistle::laugh:

Greece, really??? My Girl wants to go check it out... when we strait things up I think we'll go there...

Hope you don't mind me asking... I was thought that this forum was a little bit more receptive... but seems like a niche for, you know, english speaking colonies...
Voce eh brasileiro?
Brasa... imagino que vc tbm eh..!?!? :nod:
Estou vivendo no Japaum... e vc??? San Diego mesmo???
Yep Greece! :) It is a nice coutry for bikers. 300days/year sunshine!:coolgleamA::rofl2:
I f you come visit Greece, I ll be happy to have a ride and coffe with you and your girl!
You dont see many D675 here in Greece.
I have seen also that most members of this forum are americans or British... but still it is the best forum to get the 675 info you need, and also some nice deals through group buys or the collaborating vendors.
This is a great forum in my opinion. :nod:
I did not know that japs were into the retro thing as you say! :) I thought they loved the jap sportbikes and fast jap cars!
+beautiful scenery, I think it is a must go place...:cool:
Thanx... very nice of you... I'll let you know...:thumbup::cheers:
Yeah, is building up well I guess... I'll keep coming...
See??? I thought the same, until I got here and saw for myself... there
are bikes and fast cars, but not as many as expected... they really like
a wagon type of car, like some luxury van or something... and are plenty
of scooter, from 50cc to 600cc, and the majority of the cars are AT
rather than manual shift... still, it is a very nice place to live... :rofl2:
Em Portugues entaum

Bom, sei com certeza que tem gente andando de D675 no Brasil... desculpem-me a falta de acentos ae (SO em japs com teclado em japs eh phoda... em casa eu consigo digitar com acentos...)

Outra coisa, se alguem ae tem dificuldades com ingles, mas gostaria de saber algo sobre oq a galera tem discutido nos foruns... eu (e imagino que os outros Br's tbm) estou disposto ajudar... qualquer coisa estamos ae (ou aqui do outro lado do mundo... hehehe :laugh:)
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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