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I'm looking into installing D675 track fairings (Armour Bodies) on my 14' Street Triple with clip ons. Trying to figure out what's involved before purchasing anything. I think I figured it out for the upper fairing, will just need to buy an aftermarket fairing stay and maybe the inlet cone.

But I'm not sure how the lower fairing attaches. It looks like the top of the lower fairing just attaches to the upper (dzus), but need to know how the bottom of the lower fairing attaches to the bike. Would be great if someone has any pictures with the fairing removed to show what the fairing stay looks like.

I do have the OEM Street Triple belly pan which uses a bracket and two bolts on each side. Wondering if the D675 lower fairing mounts to the same bracket.

Edit: just saw that the upper fairing also gets bolted a bit below the tank so I'd need to know what that looks like (fairing stay?) as well
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