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CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror

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Made by the world famous CRG lever company, Arrow bar end mirrors provide a sleek, refined look to any motorcycle. Modern styling in a unit that's made using 28 pieces of perfectly-shaped aluminum, stainless steel hardware and glass, all you need is 10mm of space on the end of your 7/8" handlebar or clip-on bar to find a home for this mirror.

Looking at the mirror assembly closely, you'll come to appreciate the quality of the American-made parts. Machining of the anodized aluminum at its edges is exquisite, and the tool path marks on the brackets provide a unique, rugged appearance.

The reflective glass surface measures approximately 4" across at its widest point on the X-axis, and 2-1/4" at its widest on the Y-axis. Correctly positioned, it'll provide amble rear-viewing out on the road.

Arrow mirrors are sold individually, so you can go with a single-sided or dual configuration - the choice is yours. Each kit comes with a clamp for 7/8" handlebars, and for custom bike builders, adapters can be had for fitting the mirror on 1" handlebars as well.

If you have any questions or would like to order please contact TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817 or email [email protected] with CRG ARROW MIRRORS in the subject line and we'll get back to you right away!


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Sending PM now
We've tested a number of different bar end mirrors over the last decade and CRG Arrow has been our benchmark. If you are looking for a usable and stylish bar end mirror, look no further than the CRG Arrow. Call 866-931-6644 to order today!


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