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Cox Radiator Guards

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Cox Radiator Guards are an inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem; a leaky radiator can lead to not only rashed bodywork, but also an over-heated motor, leaking head gasket … a trip to the hospital - the list goes on and on.

These screens come shaped to fit your specific motorcycle and include everything you need for an effortless installation with or without the radiator mounted to your bike. Each guard's frame is constructed from 5051 aluminum and the expanded aluminum screen is durable, yet lightweight and strong to withstand debris.

Call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 to have him send you this ten minute winter project. Email too, works; send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM.

Simple instructions, sticker-backed foam pads, zip ties and stickers come with every Cox Radiator Guard. Here is the guard built specifically for the Daytona 675.

To install, first apply the foam pads to the top and bottom of the rad guard.

Next, loosely wrap the zip ties through their mounting point at the top of the radiator then screw any hardware in place that goes between the radiator and the guard. In the case of the Daytona 675, there is only one bolt that attaches to the lower part of the screen.

Once installed, your radiator is well protected for large debris that could punch a hole or severely dent it, both can compromise your engine's ability to stay within safe running temperatures.

Here are a couple of pictures in red

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Agree with you on the Cloud. The best thing about the Cox radiator guard over others on the market is the orientation of the screen material itself. Andrew Cox has designed this so that air flow is not restricted. One of our customers on the S1000RR forum saw a 15 degree drop in water temperature when he switched from "the other brand" to the Cox unit.
looking for a red cover.....let me know when its avail!!!! thx
We have the red guards available.
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I'd be willing to bet this is less costly than my insurance deductible would be to fix the radiator...

Much less than a deductible.
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How much for a 2011 special edition to 43004?
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price to 06478 for a street triple r when you return :)
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If these will fit a '13 Daytona....

How much for one shipped to 48188 and what colors do they come in?


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