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Cost of Insurance

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Just curious what my fellow Triumph riders pay for insurance. I'm originally from Nova Scotia and last time I had insurance there it was very cheap. Now that I live in Ottawa I still think it's not bad but hear a lot of my buddies complaining.

So, just wondering what you pay for insurance.

I'm insured with TD Meloche Monnex (qualified for their affinity program)
$662/yr for $1Mill Liability and Collision/Comp with $1,000 deductible
52 yrs of age, riding since forever, no accidents/tickets in the past 5 yrs.

I also have my home and car insured with them which is supposed to worth a 10% discount.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I posted this in the CANADA thread in hopes of getting a better idea of what my fellow riders pay in the different Canadian Provinces.

I know there will be no statistical relevance to the numbers provided but it will be interesting to see given how much whining my fellow Ontario riders do over out perceived high cost of insurance.
I don't get it... I just called TD yesterday about insuring my Daytona, and they said they don't insure that model... I have car and home insurance with them already too. And yet State Farm insures me with an accident on my record. It seems like the standards for each insurance company are all over the place
I think whoever you spoke with may have been confused as I've had my Daytona insured through them (Melloche Monnex) for 4+ years. I even checked their on-line quote site and it lists the Daytona as a model available for quotes.

Go check it out on-line

That being said, I think TD prefers more "mature" riders. They also appear to be competitive only if you qualify for one of their affinity groups (I do).

Good luck.
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