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Due to the fact that our forum has grown over the years, the admins and moderators have discussed and decided to implement a rule system in the classifieds subforum.

Listed below are the requirements for a classified posting; some will be enforced more strictly than others:

- Location of item is required in the ad, and please state whether or not you are willing to ship or if it is local pickup only.

- In order to minimize the amount of people that just join the forum to hawk off some parts, there is now a minimum post requirement. In order to post in the classified section you need to have a minimum of 25 posts. This rule is not up for debate, if an ad is posted and the OP has less than 25 posts, the ad will be deleted.

- Post whoring in order to obtain the 25 posts is not tolerated. To clarify, posting material in a thread that is related to the topic is not post whoring, even if you do it multiple times in a row. For our purposes post whoring is defined as starting a thread or participating in a thread dedicated solely to get your post count up to 25. A good example of post whoring would be starting a thread named "25 posts" and posting nothing but "one," "two," "three," etc... In this case your posts will be deleted and automatically deducted from your total post count.

- In addition to having 25 posts, the poster has to be a member of for at least 30 days.

- For-sale threads are required to have prices. In other words, no "make an offer" sale threads. If you're looking for bidders, go to e-bay.

- A detailed description of the item is required, including a statement about the condition.

- Pictures are not required, but recommended.

- The OP may bump the thread back to the top once every two days.

- When the item is sold, please edit the title to reflect it.

- No Price policing... don't go in a thread and say "I can get it cheaper here." Price policing is subject to disciplinary action.

- If you don't check your PMs often, please add an alternative contact information (phone number/e-mail).

- The classifieds section on is a venue for private sales between members, not for businesses to use as free advertising. If you own a business and are selling your product(s) for the benefit of your company, you are not allowed to post in the classifieds section. There are vendor areas set-up specifically for this purpose. In order to gain access to one, please contact the forum owner, Hmuchmo1, via private message.

Violation of articles highlighted in red will result in immediate deletion of post(s).
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