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Canadian Stuff for sale

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Sticky please

figure start this. If admins see fit to make a sub forum of Canadian section for sale items, great but for now lets make this the official sale thread. You need to post something for sale, post in this thread. all other forum rules for sale have to apply. this way all sale items are in one easy to find spot and not scatted throughout the Canadian sub-fourm.

also note this is for anything bike related, gear, parts, bikes can be posted in this thread. If we have to many posts, we can separate out to separate thread.

but to help out, make sure to post your location (town/province works fine. No need to give street adders or gps cordance.
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Thinking about selling my quickshifter. Anyone local to the Hamilton area interested? Its fitted to my 12 st3r at the moment and came off a 11 d675r. Will be removing it later today, could use the cash. Let me know. $220 cdn
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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