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Canada going to the polls.. again

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Well here we go again, an election nobody really wants. In the middle of bloody winter for godsakes. :roll:

On one hand I'm glad to see the minory gov't Liberal Party kept in check- they were finally ousted in a no-confidence motion this week. OTOH... I'm totally disgusted that there's no better choice for Canadians to vote for. The Liberals are old-boys, "entitlement" minded, and ridden with scandal , yet they've been in power since 1993. Because apart from the left wing New Democrats, who can only manage 20% vote in a banner year, there's really no other strong federal party.

I have a feeling a LOT of Canadians won't bother voting this time, really a shame. We seem to be losing our grasp on what makes (or made) this a great country. <-- edit: oh Man.. as if to reinfoce this sentiment, I just read this news. :!:
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