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Broken headstock bearing race lip

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Hi all, had a low speed front end collision a couple weeks back and have been rebuilding the bike. Last job was to replace the steerer bearings as they were trashed, but when I dropped the forks out I’ve found that one of the lips that the upper bearing race sits on has been knocked off.

Looking for any ideas for a solution, my first though was to weld the new bearing race into the headstock but steel to aluminium isn’t going to work. Would the new race hold itself in place alone?
If I can’t come up with a solution I’m going to have to go through insurance who will probably write the bike off for frame damage.
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I'm normally pretty liberal about safety, but I don't think I'd be comfortable riding with the steering in potential peril. Assuming you could swap everything yourself I would look for a frame. Even a knocked off steering stop can be repaired by a decent welder and then pass safety. Probably cheaper than an insurance deductible and increased rates as a result of a claim.
Are you able to buy back the bike if it gets written off where you are? If you could buy it back and replace the frame it could be a good track bike... I agree with Renboy. Outside of machining and re-sleeving the neck that frame looks cooked and I'd be surprised if it's still straight anyways. Gotta hit pretty good to mess the bearing race like that... Unless it was buggered before and had nothing to do with the accident and had been that way for a while?... Please keep us posted
I crashed once so bad that the only thing holding my front wheel to the Daytona was the brake line. Even then the headstock was perfectly fine.
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