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Blown my motor, Needs a replacement one.

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Hi everyone.

So I am in the market for a replacement motor for my 06 scorched yellow. (same old story - Friend lowsided the bike, insurance didnt want to write off, instead repaired and then the motor blew the day after i took delivery of it)

So now I am looking for a replacement engine. Dealer tells me any 675 daytona motor will work in this bike. The only problem is I cannot find a motor anywhere. So I am now considering importing one.

I am in South Africa.
Does anybody have any ideas on this. Is it a fair idea or not? Will I end up doing paperwork till the chickens come home to roost?

your thoughts and input greatly appreciated.

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I'd say that depends on what the bike is worth overall where you are and what you'll have to pay in taxes and fees.
What does the dealer want for a replacement? Can you do the swap yourself or will you have to pay for that aswell?
Just doing a quick check:
They ask almost half the price of the motor for shipping to SA!
I would recommend sticking with 06-08 motors if at all possible. A fair amount changed in 09 that will require changing out a number of other components (exhaust, gauge cluster, ECU, etc.), and a lot of those parts aren't cheap.

When you say the motor is blown, what kind of damage are we talking? Would it be worth repairing the motor instead of replacing it?
I have my 2006 motor I am selling for $900 for local pickup. However since you are in South Africa we will need to figure out costs for crating and shipping. The only thing you'd need to put on there is an engine coolant sensor. Other than that it is totally complete. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out logistics of getting it crated and shipped to you. Engine is in great condition, and always well taken cared of. Lots of oil changes after 3 trackdays, valve clearances recently checked and reshimmed #3 exhausts cylinder back to spec.
Hi Guys,

found a 2007/8 engine today. thanks for your help/suggestions anyway.

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